Snow Plow Driver & Dispatcher Receive Spirit of the Springs Award

Our city is truly fortunate to have a great team of men and women who work tirelessly to help fellow residents. Two of our city employees truly showcased an incredible act of service during the March winter storm.

It is with great honor I present Josh Preather and Chelsea Minnis with the Spirit of the Springs Celebration award.

Josh Preather is a snow plow driver who was approached by an AMR driver during our March snow storm. While responding to a call, the AMR team found themselves in a difficult situation where they could not get to the patient because all the lanes and the alternate routes were either closed or blocked due to the stalled cars. 

Josh plowed them a pathway all the way to the patient’s home. He also plowed a path through stalled vehicles all the way to the hospital. The AMR team could not have made it to patient’s home or back to the hospital without Josh’s help. He was instrumental in literally saving a life. 

His involvement went beyond plowing the streets. He integrated seamlessly with the AMR/Colorado Springs Fire Department team to ensure a safe pathway for the ambulance thus saving the patient’s life. Thank you for going above and beyond the call of duty during a crisis.

Chelsea Minnis also played an extremely important role during this endeavor. 

Chelsea is a dispatcher and stayed on the phone with Josh the entire time, giving him precise directions on the best and quickest way to get to the patient’s home as well as getting to the hospital.

Thank you for going above and beyond and providing the timely and much-need support to Josh. Your efforts helped save the life of a patient!

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