2C funded road repairs

Click image above to see the 2017 2C Funded Paving Map

2C Ballot Measure Funding ~$50 Million Annually

Ballot item 2C passed by an overwhelming 65 percent of the vote in the Colorado Springs November 3, 2015 Special Municipal Election. (Read the 2C Ballot Language.) This new road improvement tax will provide an estimated $50 million per year to pave approximately 1,000 lane miles over the next five years. The sales tax revenues will be dedicated solely to paving roads, with approximately 50 percent of it being applied to sidewalks, curb and gutter.  Replacing or repairing concrete is an essential part of streets maintenance, which protects the roadways from deterioration. These improvements will also add pedestrian ramps and create passable routes that meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards and enhance accessibility in Colorado Springs.

2C Advisory Committee – View members and functions of the 2C advisory committee and meeting minutes.

Note: The City will continue to dedicate its share of PPRTA funds for streets maintenance (approximately $16 million per year). By continuing to dedicate PPRTA funds at the same rate, the City will be able to increase its preventable maintenance program (chip seal, crack seal, pothole repair, and mill and overlay) necessary to help our streets achieve their full lifespan. 

Resurfacing and Road Maintenance Plan

 View a list of streets scheduled for resurfacing each year using 2C sales tax revenues




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